Santa Nose Twerk Instagram Face Filter for Christmas 2019

“Santa Tummy TWRK” is a new Instagram camera face filter for Christmas (filtro twerk naso Instagram). It’s similar to other nose twerking effects, but instead of animating the butt of a cartoon character, Santa in this case, it’s animating his belly. It’s super cute and perfect for a Santa character. I’ve seen plenty of noses […]

Flying Face Filter Game that Everyone Wants to Play

Flying Face filter by Dvoshansky is a little interactive Instagram filter but one that many people enjoy playing. It resembles the original Flappy Bird game but designed using unique blinking game controls that make the gameplay feel different, stand out and entertain in a completely different way. Not just compared to the original Flappy Bird […]

The Eye Blinking Bird Game

What is that eye blinking bird game that people are so excited about? although many people know the original game called ‘Flappy Bird’, some don’t. Some refer to the new ‘Flying Face’ filter by Dvoshansky as ‘blinking eyes game’, ‘kedip IG game’ (kedip means blink, wink or flicker in Indonesian), ‘bird filtro’, ‘Flappy Bird link’ […]

Who is Dvoshansky (Instagram Filter Developer)?

For those of you who are wondering who is Dvoshansky, he is the developer of ‘Instagram Flappy Bird Filter’, or by its original filter name ‘Flying Face‘. He resides in Russia and developed a Flappy Bird-like game where users control the bird using blinking. A few hours ago I watched a live stream of Dvoshansky […]

Blinking IG Game – Why Blinking Controls?

When I played Flying Face Instagram game by dvoshansky. I asked myself, why blinking and not other facial gestures? Today I’ve read in Spark AR Community on Facebook that dvoshansky actually tested other types of facial gestures like a mouth opening and even playing by nodding with your head. According to what I’ve read, dvoshansky […]