Sigma SD1 Test Shot and First Hands-on Review Spotted

BJP technical reviewer Richard Kilpatrick has posted a hands-on review of the Sigma SD1.  In his review he separates between the price of the camera and what it actually offers. In fact, that what every reviewer should do. He should give an un-biased opinion but at the same time share his own experience with the camera. The first thing that we can hear about the SD1 is about its build quality. The SD1 has a magnesium alloy body and its weather sealed. The SD1 meant to be used by demanding photographers who needs a pro grade equipment that can sustain a bit of abuse and harsh weather conditions.

The second compliment that the SD1 gets is about its ergonomics, which according to the reviewer, it’s absolutely top-notch.  In BJP Sigma SD1 hands-on review you can see a test shot that shows how well the Foveon X3 resolves details. Even at 100% magnification the image is tack sharp. Maybe ‘tack sharp’ is not the best word to describe what I see when I look at those SD1 sample images. It’s just unbelievable how sharp the image is in 100%. It’s a pixel-peeper’s dream. If you look closely at the 100% scale crop, you can even see the doll’s single fibers which are one to two pixels in wide.  This image is a very good way to show the strength of the Sigma SD1 Foveon X3 sensor and its detail resolvent characteristics.

In fact, I think that the previous images that we’ve seen on the Internet prior to the launch of the SD1 are probably made by amateurs, definitely not pros. Who knows, maybe they were even fake. From all the information that I’ve been collecting through the web, I must tell you that the SD1 stands for its high claims – at least when it comes to image quality and its build quality. Bravo Sigma!

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