iPhone 5 Camera – Speculated Specs

August 3, 2012

iphone cameraI have very high expectations regarding the new Apple iPhone 5 camera.  Rumors are talking about a 4-inch device, thinner than the 4S device. pcadvisor.co.uk mentioned a multi-point camera focusing system. According to AppleInsider, the Multi-point camera focus system (MPCFS) will allow the user to choose two or more area to focus on using the touch-sensitive screen. When the picture is taken, the device will produce an image that applies correct focus and exposure for both areas.

What we do know is that we are going to have a brand new camera on the iPhone 5. No one can tell you for sure what will have on the iPhone 5 camera, but I bet that Apple won’t disappoint.  With the new Multi-point touch focus interface, the iPhone 5 camera should put in front of today’s latest mobile phone cameras, including the HTC One X. However, I’m quite skeptical if the iPhone 5 camera can compete against the Nokia 808 PureView and its very large sensor.

The iPhone 4s can take gorgeous photos, no doubt about it. However, as we move forward in time, many companies push the boundaries of what can be achieved with today’s latest technology. I just hope that Apple engineers can be as innovative as Nokia engineers when it comes to the image sensor. Although Apple is not a sensor manufacturer company, still , it has the vision of what it want to achieve in the iPhone 5. The competition won’t be easy for Apple. People expect Apple to innovate and hope to see a device that is much better than the 4S. We don’t want to see the same iPhone 4 -> iPhone 4S update, don’t we?

There are many new technologies out there, like Sony stack CMOS sensor. I expect that the iPhone 5 will have a 8MP sensor and a faster lens than the iPhone 4S. However, I don’t think we are going to see a staked CMOS sensor on the iPhone 5, maybe in the iPhone 6 or later models. Having said that, you just never knows what is waiting for you around the corner. Maybe Apple will surprise us all. After all, Sony invested close to $1B in stack CMOS sensor technology, the best way to start making a mass production of those sensors is by implementing them on iPhone 5 smartphones.

Some people speculating that the Apple iPhone 5 will have 3D cameras which allows us to shoot 3D images and videos. The technology is there, but will it find its way to the iPhone5?

It seems that we have to wait to September 2012 to see what Apple is planning for us. Rumors just don’t brings any enough juicy details nowadays. BTW, the iPhone 5 is speculated to be released on September 21th, 2012.

Oh, a iPhone 5 video (fake or course) just for fun..

Is this the iPhone 5?

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