Digital Cameras Side by Side Comparison – Compact Meter

January 20, 2012 launched a brand new Digital camera size comparison tool called “Camera Compact Meter” (link at the end of the article).  Using the first tool, you could compare only two cameras side by side. The new comparison tool allows you to compare unlimited number of cameras side by side, but it does more than just that.

Compact camera meter

All features available using the Camera Compact-Meter Tool (click to enlarge)

When comparing the size of digital cameras, it’s very frustrating to view the specs, and most people will prefer doing it the way, just viewing it on screen. Using the new ‘Compact Meter’, you can add as many cameras as you like, and even order the image by their weight, width, height and depth. So for example, you can choose four different Canon cameras and sort them out so the cameras are arranged from the most compact one to the largest one (and vice versa). This certainly adds more value to the site, which has already gain a lot of popularity in the photographer’s community and those who shop for a new digital cameras.

So what’s new exactly with the new tool – let’s go over the new features:

  1. Compare unlimited number of digital cameras – Just use the drop down list to choose and add (click the plus button) cameras. Those will appear in the middle of the screen.
  2. Order by – This is a very cool feature, which allows you to sort the images by the weight, width, height or depth specs of the camera. So you can, for example, choose different cameras from Sony, Olympus and Canon, and arrange the images so the one which is the highest will appear first, and the most compact camera last. You can click the link again to change the order from descending to ascending and vice versa.
  3. Change the order – There two arrows for each camera (left & right), which allows you to move a specific camera to the right or left of another camera. Sort them out as you wish.
  4. Resize images – If you have a large display or a small display. you can use the slider tool to resize the images, so more images can fit into your screen. This allows you to view more cameras at the same time. When you add more cameras, you can scroll the list (right and left) using the arrow icons at the right and left of the screen.
  5. Different side views – Similar to the first tool (but improved), you can change the side views of all cameras in one click. In the first camera size comparison tool, you had to choose sides individually for each camera. So now it’s an improved functionality, that makes changing views for multiple cameras much easier.
  6. Share a specific comparison – Probably one of the most useful features, because in some day, you want to share a specific comparison with your friends – in forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When you add cameras, a link will appear at the bottom of the page, allowing you to generate a short link. This link is updated to represent the specific comparison you are evaluating, including the sorting option. All you need to do is to copy & paste that link in forum posts, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Another option is to just click the “Twitter” sharing button, which will automatically embed the link and share it on your Twitter account.


Camera Size already includes a large list of digital cameras, including all the newly announced ones from Samsung, Fujifilm, Nikon and Canon. Certainly worth checking it out. It’s still in beta.

Visit the website: Compact Camera Comparison Tool

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