Nikon D600 Video Impressions (sample videos)

October 5, 2012

I have to admit that I wasn’t a Nikon fan when it comes to video because I didn’t looks the yellowish look compared to the Canon. It depends on the scene, but most of the time I can tell whether a video was shot with a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera.  Nikon improved its video image quality with its DSLR cameras by quite a lot in the pass years. Still Nikon tend to produce warmer colors, with the Canon being more natural. That can be adjusted in video editing software. Nevertheless, I am hear to talk about the Nikon D600 video image quality and tell you how impressed I am with what I’ve seen so far.

For those of you who don’t know, the Nikon D600 is a Full Frame DSLR camera, an affordable FF camera that costs a around $2000. The first D600 sample video that grabbed my attention was one posted on Vimeo, take a look..


You can see that the colors looks very natural, details, contrast and color definition is second to none. For a few moments I thought that I was looking at images, but look carefully and you’ll notice the movement 🙂

These shows how good the video is because with relatively static footage you can notice every bit of imperfections if existed. The video was shot at 1080p25 and sharpened a bit in Premiere. I always tend to add a bit of sharpness to my videos, it just makes them look more realistic, like you are viewing the scene with your own eyes.

The second video was made by Nikon is called ‘Chasing the Light’. This sample video was shot with the Nikon D600 and it shows the capabilities of this camera both in day and low light.

This videos just gives you an urge to go out and shoot. I really liked how well the camera handles exposure and color  reproduction is amazing. It just makes you want to enjoy life.. nothing more – just pure enjoyment, you and your Nikon D600.

The Nikon D600provides video shooters a wide range of tools to get the perfect footage. You have an option for Clean HDMI, the ability to stream uncompressed video to external storage device (e.g Atomos Ninja 2). You have both 3.5mm mic socket and headphone jack for monitoring audio in real-time. The back LCD is amazing, you can view it from various angles and still get clear view of the scene and Live View mode.

The Nikon D600 supports two movie formats, FX and DX, with the DX giving you the option to extend the telephoto reach. A useful features when you want to get closer to your subject.

One of the reasons why so many video shooters want to shoot movies with a Full Frame HDSLR is the ability to take full advantage of their wide-angle lenses. Getting those incredible wide and ultra-wide angle shots that just look breathtaking. Furthermore,  Full Frame cameras like the Nikon D600 offer better high ISO performance, so you can shoot low-light scenes with great clarity and with low noise.

Creating time-lapse videos is also very easy with the Nikon and the results are just mind blowing.


I can watch this all night long.. 🙂

So if you have any doubts about the Nikon D600 and its video capabilities, don’t. The Nikon D600 is an amazing stills camera, but also a professional tool for shooting awe-inspiring videos. It will help you unleash your creativity and make  you start you car’s engine and drive somewhere far away.. find yourself alone with nature, and come back home with amazing videos to edit on your home computer.


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