Sony RX100 Overheating Problem – Proof?

August 6, 2012

There is a lot of talking on the web about the Sony RX100 overheating issue when shooting video. Here’s a video showing the overheating problem when shooting videos.

In the first indoor overheat test you can see that the RX100 shows overheat signs at 19:57 minute.


The second Sony RX100 overheating test outdoors. It was 31 Celsius outside and the video was captured at 1080p60, According to the test, the camera was very hot after shooting the video.

I still can’t tell¬† if it’s a global problem or a problem with that specific camera or a line of camera production. What do you think?¬† Do you have the Sony RX100 and experienced such overheating problem while shooting video.

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