Apple Watch Dimensions and Thickness

September 11, 2014

How slim is Apple Watch

Many people prefer to wear ad slim elegant watches and hoped that the Apple Watch would be slim and not thick. In terms of size, the Apple Watch case comes in two different sizes: 42mm and 38mm, but that’s the height from side to side, but it doesn’t tells us how thick the Apple Watch is.

Apple didn’t provide any exact measurement of the depth in the Apple Watch specs.  If the height is 42mm from top to bottom, in my calculations (Done this in Photoshop), the width should be around 35.6mm (37.4mm including the digital crown), whether the smaller Apple Watch would be around 32.8mm (34.6mm including the digital crown) width.

Apple Watch 42mm version:  42 mm [H] x  35.6 mm [W] (1.65 x 1.50 inches) – without protrusion (button and crown)

Apple Watch 38mm version: 38 mm [H] x 32.8 mm [W] (1.49 x 1.29 inches) – without protrusion (button and crown)

How thick the Apple Watch is?

Apple Watch size illustration

Apple Watch 42mm size illustration (width, height and depth without the bottom sensor part)

With further calculations and image alignments, I’ve calculated that the Apple Watch thickness (depth) is ~10.6mm (0.42 inches) without the sensor (only the case) and ~12.3 mm (0.49 inches) with the sensor.

Keep in mind that the width and depth were artificially calculated based on Apple Watch official images and by knowing the initial height of the case, and are not the official specs.

After I also viewed many images of people wearing the Apple Watch at the press event, and it looks quite accurate compared to the illustration.  The Apple Watch is not slim, but not that thick either. Some people love a very slim profile that wrap the hand nicely and elegantly, well.. it’s not the case here. In my observation, the smaller 38mm (in terms of height and width)  Apple Watch has about the same depth has the 42mm, so it seems you only gain a smaller size case both horizontally and vertically, but not in terms of its profile.

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