Can Wearable Cameras Help Reduce Crime and Bad Behavior?

October 3, 2014

Wearable cameras criminal behavior

Today a thought came into my mine. I wonder how people will react in public if everyone, or at least many of the people around you would wear a Google Glass or a Smartwatch with a camera. A camera that can record in a discreet way and now one can know about it. Can it actually reduce crime, giving criminals a feeling that they are watched all the time.

Think of it this way. If you are taking a video or snapping an image of someone with your mobile phone, it’s easy to spot you. People certainly change their behavior when they know that they are being filmed. They try their best to behave properly, although some do exactly the opposite and get angry and aggressive and it certainly depends on the person, the situation and sometimes people have no problem with that, on the contrary, they love the attention.

If a person think about doing something that he or she knows its wrong in public or private area, they will try the best no to get caught by a camera. Criminals know that they should hide their face in order to now getting caught. However, I’m not talking about those type of “professional” criminals, but regular people that behave in a way that they feel embraced about it, and if “caught on tape”, they would feel very anxious about it.

So just imaging yourself walking in the street where every one of two people where Google Glass or have any wearable device that allows discreet video recording or photo capturing. It might be OK to embarrass yourself with a few people around you, but you certainly don’t want the whole world to see it. YouTube is full of these type of video of people shooting people in awkward situations using their mobile phones.  People certainly think twice before doing something because they know someone can take his camera phone and record them on video.  When someone filming you without your acceptance, it feels that they are invading your privacy, and in many ways they do.

A person with a wearable device doesn’t even need to press anything, even just whisper or even just make a slight movement with its ear or eyebrow to capture a shot or start recording a video.

Some of you might look at it in a very negative way, but I think that we are still getting to that place where most people will eventually have wearable devices with a camera. Maybe not in the near future, but not to far in the future. I think that this can certainly change how people behave on the street. People will be much more externalized with their behavior one they know that the person that they are talking to might be recording them. They will think twice before saying anything that can be used later against them in some way. People might be less open and friendly to one another, so in some way this might hurt the interaction between people.

I already see in the streets people taking their phone out to record people working in public services like cops, put the camera in front of their faces — showing them that if they do the slightest mistake they are going to pay for it big time.   technology has certainly ran over our privacy no matter where we are. Even if you are at home you don’t know who is recording you with a superzoom camera on the other side of the street.  The feeling that someone is recording you in video right now without knowing it, making you think twice what you do, how you do it, when you do it and where you do it.  Of course you can ignore it all and ignore it all.

Today cops are using cameras in their vehicles and even in-hand in order to claim those proof about a crime being committed and save those as evidence. This worked great for highway cameras and reduced traffic violations. What you do when you see a camera on the side of the road and when driving more than the allowed speed limit? — you slow down your car, because you don’t want to be caught and get a ticket. What I am referring to with wearable devices is equivalent to those highway cameras on the roads, but instead for the speed of the car you have the human behavior, and instead of side road traffic cameras you have those wearable cameras.

I think that in a world that everyone have a camera with him, and when those will be wearable and more discreet, people’s behavior in public places and the interaction between people will change. I don’t know if it’s strictly for the worse, or whether it can reduce crime made in public places, but it certainly raise up an interesting thought related to the use of technology.

So what type of wearable camera (some refer to those as spy cameras or hidden cameras) are there on the market? — there are many. For example, there are wearable cameras like the Looxcie LX2 wearable video cam you can wear on your ear like a bluetooth earphone,  the HD Spy Pen hidden camera portable recorder,  the 720p HD Spy Eyewear sunglasses hidden camera, the PGD mobile phone watch with a built-in camera,  and there are many more type of devices for discreet stills and video recording. Those cameras mobile cameras gets smaller and smaller due to advances in hardware miniaturization and reduced prices, so those technologies are very cheap to produce nowadays.

I just wonder if what I am talking about here about most people having a wearable camera, if that time would have come earlier if Apple has decided to embed a camera in the Apple Watch? (Apple Watch doesn’t have a built-in camera) ..mmmm..

So what’s your opinion about all this?  Do you think it can reduce crime? — Share your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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