Canon Countdown Teaser Ad – A New Revolutionary Camera, Mobile Phone?

October 6, 2014

Today Canon has decided to tease us with a counter landing page that seems to suggest that a new product is coming. Canon doesn’t say anything specific but rather a philosophical statement. With a phrase like “At Canon, We See Impossible” it certainly looks like Canon is up to something revolutionary.

People start guessing what is this thing that “It can’t be done” means. It’s a Canon Android smartphone with Canon’s optics and sensor design. Maybe Canon is going to release an affordable full frame mirrorless camera. I personally thought about a camera like Lytro with APS-C sensor or a camera that can capture 3D images which can be viewed on a specific device without special glasses (but there is something like that, isn’t it?)

I tried to figure out what that logo on the landing page means. It’s a ball covered with four square plates, a 3D logo that certainly look like something never seen on Canon’s website.

Maybe Canon came up with a phone with an APS-C sensor with a unique flexible lens design that is slim and features optical zoom. Maybe it’s an optical zoom lens that doesn’t extended. I can try guessing all day, but it seems Canon is really up to something big this time, and I hope it will surprise me.

I also tried to look at the text formation to see if its size suggest something. IT looks like a camera viewed from the top if you ask me with a lens in the middle, isn’t it?

Canon certainly needs to answer some type of photographer’s demands. Entering into the mobile business can be very profitable for a company like Canon and its reputation in the digital imaging business. I really hope that this is something related to a new technology innovation in the mobile photography field. Because honestly, we haven’t seen anything exciting in the past couple of years and it’s really time for one company to innovate here.

Canon has experience in the sensor and lens business, and therefore it seems logically that it will be something that will take Canon’s expertise in this fields and will be related to the mobile or general photography market.

Hey, I’m just guessing here, I’m interested to hear what you think Canon is planning for us. As of the time of writing, Canon will unveil exactly what’s behind this teaser advertisement in about 21:40 hours from now, which means around October 7, 2014 6an Eastern time.

Check the teaser here.

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