Easy, Fast and Secure Photo Sharing with a unique twist – Glimpix

April 5, 2014

For those of you who have an Android device and love to take photos, there is a new great photo sharing camera app in town. This app is called Glimpix, and you can find more information about it on glimpix.com website.  In this article I want to preview this app and talk about its unique features. This photo sharing app is currently available for Android, but as the site states, it will also be available for other platforms soon.

What is Glimpix App?

With Glimpix Android app you can share photos live with a group of people or individuals, without them having to register any service or install any app. The viewer is not dependent of an app to view the photos. In fact, all the viewer need to have is a web browser in order to view the photos.

This can be any web browser, whether a modern mobile phone browser like Safari or Chrome, or a desktop browser. So yes, this means that the person who view the photos can see them live on his home computer screen or large HDTV in his living room.



So how Glimpix works exactly? — It’s pretty simple. You, the person who want to share the photos, create a photo album in the app. Once you’ve done that, you need to share the photo album URL with the person or a group of people that you would like to view the photos. You can send them the URL using SMS, Email, Facebook Wall, Twitter and through other social sharing apps installed on your device.  This is done in Glimpix app by clicking the Share button.

Once at least one person logged in to the page to view the photos, you will be notified, and in fact, you can see the total amount of people currently watching the photos stream live on their mobile devices or computers.

Glimpix is a Live photo sharing app. It wasn’t designed to store a copy of your images online. Its sole purpose is for sharing spontaneous moments with others and in situations when you don’t need to have a backup of those images online.

Let me give you an example. I remember one day after entering my new apartment that I’ve rented, my mother called. She really wanted to see how the new apartment looks like. The problem is that she doesn’t have a smartphone, only a simple old-generation phone.

What I did was installed Glimpix photo sharing Android app on my phone and sent her a link to the photo album via email. She opened the page by clicking this link. From that point on all she had to do is to sit down and relax and view those photos as I shoot them.

This means that the moment you shoot the image, it will appear immediately after on the viewer’s screen without page refreshing. The viewers have the option to chat with you and vote (thumbs up or thumbs down) for images that you take. There is not option for video recording with glimpix, it’s used for photo sharing only.

Talking about voting and commenting. Those two features are great if you are doing your shopping and want an opinion about a product (e.g. jeans, shirt) from a person that you know or share it with a large group of people online, like on your facebook wall. This allows you to get quick feedback right away.

As I mentioned before, Glimpix wasn’t designed as an image backup service. There are three things that protect your privacy. First, the URL that you share the live photo gallery has a long unique identifier which prevent from other people guessing it and viewing your photo stream online. You can use a short URL (see the settings), but this is not a secure way and you probably should only use it for public sharing.

Second, when the viewer refreshes the page or reloads it in another tab or another device, the page will appear empty. All the image links are removed from the page . Third, the images are deleted from the server within 24 hours after they uploaded. This helps keeping those quick snaps secure and not hanging around the Internet forever. Of course the viewer whom you share the photo album URL with can share the same URL with other people, as there is no password option — something to keep in mind.

I recommend giving Glimpix app a shot. I found it very useful for various situations and love the fact that the viewer is not dependent on an app to view the photos nor it needs to register any service (anonymous viewing, kind of).

So go ahead, head to glimpix.com or download it directly from Google Play.

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