iPhone 6 Plus Bending (#bendgate) issue with bend test videos

September 27, 2014

I’m sure that Apple engineers and product designers didn’t plan this negative buzz to happen, as many people reporting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (relatively) easily bending under pressure. There are tons of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bend test videos on YouTube and most of the leading news panel reported about it already.  So the question “Will it Bend?” start to rise like no other. So whether it’s related to the iPhone 6 or only for iPhone 6 Plus, or if it’s not an issue at all, find some of the information in this article.
The #bendgate hashtag has risen on Twitter, filled with tons of funny pictures and videos.  The next video by Unbox Therapy shows how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus and this video is about to pass the 40M viewers — take a look.

I personally don’t want to put fore on my phone to find out if it does bend easily, but I’m sure some people did just from curiosity.  The iPhone bend phenomenon yield bending tests not just for the iPhones but also to all the newer device, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and others. People were eager to see how much force it takes to bend an iPhone compared to other device, and see whether this is a direct flaw in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus design or just a hype taken out of control over the web and in social media websites.

That exactly what Consumer Reports did. Running a pressure test to see how much force it takes to bend the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One (M8), iPhone 5, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  The deformation test has shown that the HTC One was the most the weakest one and bent in 70 lbs. of pressure, next were the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with 70 lbs. and 90lbs. respectively (iPhone 6 Plus is easier to bend than the iPhone 6), than followed by the iPhone 5 and LG G3 with 130 lbs, and last and the strongest was the Note 3 with 150 lbs. pressure. According to the video (which you can watch below), this deformation test actually showed that those phones are pretty tough and not easy get bent. Some people has doubted the test procedure and its results.

We can be sure that Apple didn’t want to make its iPhone 6 collapsible and  while people try to find the definitive answer to that phenomenon, people are trying to suggest solutions to how to avoid any bending with the iPhone 6.
So according to the test, you need to apply a significant amount of force to be able to bend those phone, and even more force to separate the case from the phone body.

Worth mentioning that when applying fore to the device, the device will get bent while you put pressure on it on both sides. The question is the phone is damaged in some way (e.g. stay bent, screen cracks, etc.).
Take a look at the following Galaxy Note 3 bend test done by Unbox Therapy, and the results has shown no damage at all.. see for yourself.

You are probably wondering if the size, not just the materials has something to do with it?

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 size comparison

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 size comparison (via mobiledevicesize.com)

You can see from the size comparison image above (from mobiledevicesize.com) that the iPhone 6 Plus is larger than the Note 3 but only 0.2 inches slimmer than the Note 3. So maybe we could have expected it to be less durable.  The same test done by Unbox Therapy against the iPhone 6 (not the Plus version) and vs HTC One M8, Moto X has shown that the iPhone 6 is actually very strong and it’s not bent easily. So according to his test, the main bending issue is with the iPhone 6 Plus. By the way, the new Moto X has been bend-tested to be very durable.

So according to many bend test videos, people shouldn’t be worried regarding any bending issues with the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6 Plus is bent much more easily and if applied the same amount of pressure as described in those videos, it can bent. So is it a deal breaker for the iPhone 6 Plus, I personally don’t think so. I assume that if a person puts the iPhone 6 Plus in his back pants’ pocket and sits on it (depends on the weight as well), it can certainly get bent.

So next question that you might ask now is whether Apple has an official comment for this iPhone 6 bending issue and for tons of complaints that people have reported since the phone was launched (eight days ago as of the time of writing). So in fact, The company who manufactured the gold plates for the iPhones did respond and mentioned that they iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are very durable and bent could happen if someone sits on his phone for a very  long time.

Apple support also replied to some customers that in order to return a bent phone, the iPhone has to be tested using a Visual Mechanical Inspection machine in order for the device to be replaced under the warranty conditions.
Apple’s discussion forum is filled with lots of posts about the iPhone  6 Plus bending and asking if there is a fix for it, and if they can return the phone in order for Apple to replace it (here and here). It seems people are thinking twice before buying the iPhone 6 Plus, and might opt to buy the iPhone 6 instead which doesn’t bend easily.

If you already bought the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, do yourself a favor and don’t sit on it, don’t put in the rear pocket of your jeans.  According to a few sources that I encountered, the issue might be related to the type of aluminum used in the iPhone 6 Plus, which might suggest that it’s too thin.

So according to Apple, it’s extremely rare for the phone to get bent on a regular use.  The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are made with anodized aluminum which is tempered to gain more durability, as well as stainless steel elements to make it stronger.  I don’t know if that can give the customers their confidence back, especially after them watching all those videos and seeing all those images of the iPhone 6 Plus get bent with a good amount of pressure.

If I had to choose between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now that I know about that bending “issue”, I probably would be getting the iPhone 6 Plus anyways, just making sure that I won’t put it in my back pocket or sit on it by mistake 🙂
What’s your opinion about this whole iPhone 6 bending problem? — share your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

Check out the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus size comparison here.

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