Is Apple Watch Waterproof / water resistant?

September 9, 2014

Apple watch waterproof underwater

I personally wanted to know if the Apple Watch is waterproof and you can dive with it underwater, and if so, in up to what depth, is there any IP water-ingress certification (There is a new update, see end of article).

According to some non official websites it is water-proof, but they didn’t mention anything official and it didn’t mention what degree. I’ve searched the website, seen the videos. It might be only splash-proof. If this is indeed the case and the Apple Watch is not waterproof, I think that many people will certainly think twice before getting one, me included.

Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus

This is especially important for the Apple Watch Sport collection because it should certainly work on sweaty hands and would be great to be taken underwater for a swim or when washing hands. I think that most people will want it on any watch and in any of the three models (Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition). You are going to wear this watch all day long (probably), and I’m sure that the last thing that you want to do is take it off when washing hands or put it inside your pocket or bag on a rainy day. The Apple Watch should be, or in my opinion, must be Waterproof and resistant to dust to some degree.

My hunch is that if it’s not mentioned anywhere on the site, it might not be waterproof, maybe just splash resistant, but as I mentioned, it’s just a hunch. By the way, the Apple Watch sport band for example is “sweat and chemical resistant” according to the Apple Watch official video, so I assume that the Sport edition won’t get damaged when I get sweaty, but of course that still doesn’t answer our question — is it water-resistant?

If you have any information about the Apple Watch waterproofing and whether you can swim with in underwater or you know anything about the water-resistant rating, please drop a comment in the comment section below.

Would you buy a non-waterproof Apple Watch? — Share your opinion below.

Update: according to to an article on  and a private answer to David Pogue by Apple: Apple Watch is not waterproof (I look at it in the context whether you can use it underwater or not, because waterproof term can be misleading and therefore there are liquid ingress protection rating to help measure that) but it’s water resistant (not mentioning any IP ingress rating), which means you can wear it in the rain and when sweating, when you wash your hands for example, but you should not wear it in the shower and not use it underwater. So there goes the dream for a waterproof Apple smartwatch. I am still waiting for an official answer on Apple’s support forums.

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