Private Photo Sharing App with Voting for Android and iPhone

July 14, 2014

If you are looking for a private photo sharing app with a voting option, you might want to give Glimpix app a try. This brand new app is brilliant in its simplicity, and gives allows you to do some things that other apps do not offer. 

Glimpix app allows you to share images from your mobile phone to any other device with a browser. This can be another mobile phone, a desktop computer, a tablet device, you name it. As long as the recipient has a modern browser installed on his device, he or she will be able to view those photos. This also means that when you share photos with other people, whether a single person or a large group of people, you don’t really care what type of device those people have. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Android device, an iPhone 5S, a tablet or whether they are viewing your photos using Google Chrome on a Mac computer.

Sharing photos and getting votes for each photos is easy. All you need to do is to create a photo album. Once created, you’ll get a unique URL which you can share with others. You can copy paste that URL in forums, send it via SMS to a close friend or a group of friends or share that link on your Facebook page. With the album selected in Glimpix, you now need to wait for at least one person to view the album’s page. When at least one person is viewing it, you’ll get a notification that someone is viewing the album. Now all you need to do is to click the camera button and start capture photos to share with that person.

The image then will appear live in real-time on the viewer’s linked photo album page, and the viewer will be able to comment or vote for each particular photo using the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons. Those voting will accumulate and will be displayed near each image that the viewer voted for and you will be able to respond back in the chat section which is private for each album.

Glimpix is a private photos sharing with voting. It’s private because it allows you to share the album link which is unique for that particular album. Only those who know the URL will be able to view the album. So as long as the viewer doesn’t share the URL, you an the viewer are the only one who will be able to share and view those images.

The voting feature is really cool. It allows you to get votes for each photo that you take. This is useful for many uses, when going shopping and when you want to get your friends’ opinions for example, or if you just want to get a positive or negative feedback on a particular photo, the possibilities are endless.

I highly recommend that you give Glimpix private photos sharing a try, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Click here to visit¬†Glimpix private photo sharing with voting app website, and click the Google Play or App Store icon to download the app to your preferred device, whether it’s an Android device or iOS device.

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