Google Nexus 6P Camera Shows Strong Image Quality and Low Light Performance

October 5, 2015

The Google Nexus 6P camera already proving itself in several image quality tests, including conquering the third positioning on DxOMark mobile rating list, just below the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Sony Xperia Z5. Those of you who are searching for a top performing mobile camera, should certainly look up to the new Nexus 6P smartphone.

The Nexus 6P features a 1/2.3″ 12.3MP sensor for its rear facing camera with relatively large 1.55 µm pixels and f/2.0 aperture lens. The front camera is 8MP, 1.4µm pixels and f/2.0 lens. The 1.55 micron pixels are one of main reasons for its excellent performance. Larger pixels means that more photons can be collected for each photosite which essentially leads to better low-light performance and better image quality overall. According to Google, the Nexus 6P camera provided 92%better light fathering efficiency than the Nexus 6.

The Nexus 6P lacks an optical image stabilization mechanism, which could have made its rear camera even better for low-light photography.  Although due to the sensor’s excellent light gathering capability, not having OIS is not that a big issue, it’s always useful to have it onboard, especially if you have a direct control over the exposure and you want to take long exposure shots under restricting low-light conditions.

Google Nexus 6P also shows strong AF performance in all conditions due to to its Laser Autofocus system. The overall first impressions are excellent as you can clearly see. This is mainly the result of a large 1/2.3″ sensor with optimal resolutino to keep the pixels large to absorb more light.

In the video above from Google Nexus 2015 Live Event, you can see how the Nexus 6P compared to the Nexus 6 and iPhone 6s Plus in low-light. The Nexus 6P easily tops the iPhone 6s Plus with clearer and brighter image  when shot under the same lighting conditions.

Other features include up to 240fps slow-motion video recording, 4K video recording at 30 fps and Smart Burst (burst mode) which can be used for animated GIF images as well among its other features.

For more information, visit Nexus 6P review here.


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