Lumia 950 XL camera image quality is very impressive

October 10, 2015

The Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL have the same exact camera. No doubt that Microsoft focused on the camera’s image quality performance. As you can see in the video below by windows Central, the Lumia 950 camera image quality is amazing. By saying amazing I refer to the superb detailed image at full resolution, the natural skin tones, the digital noise characteristics, the low-light performance, etc.

What makes the 950 and 950XL cameras so amazing is its great features, which include: a 1/2.4″ 20-megapixel (relatively) large sensor sensor with oversampling technology, a super fast 25mm F/1.9 aperture lens, high maximum ISO of 12800, Zeiss optics, 5th generation optical image stabilization, a new triple LED flash for natural images, 4K video recording, fast AF performance automatic scene recognition, dual-capture mode (two exposures), dynamic flash (pos-processing), fast and responsive UI operation, manual ISO setting, white balance presets, microSD card slot up to 2TB and high-res AMOLED display to compose and view your photos and videos with.

We already seen many good cameras, but it seems that there always must be something missing that ruin the party. The Lumia 950XL and 950 camera is fully featured all-across the board.

With such a large arsenal of great feature, the Microsoft Lumia 950 should outperform many of the latest high-end smartphone on the market. Hopefully it will indeed prove itself worthy on future reviews and compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xpreria Z5 and other leading phones that have already proven to perform very well for both still sand video recording.

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