Oppo Neo 7 Camera Specs

October 26, 2015

Oppo has revealed the Oppo Neo 7, a new Android 5.0 inch smartphone. The phone features two cameras, a main camera utilizing a 8MP 1/4-inch ( 3.20 x 2.40 mm) back-illuminated sensor with a wide F/2.0 aperture lens. The front camera has 5 megapixels and a f/2.4 aperture lens, it was designed together with the new Beautify 3.0 and filters provides an option to capture beautiful selfie images, even in low-light.

The Oppo Neo 7 has a unique feature called UltraHD, where the camera shoots six consecutive images and combines them the to form a 24 megapixel high definition image. Other features include the new Colorful Night Mode, a multi-frame image capture for super clear night shots with minimum image noise. You can use the screen as a flash when taking selfies when shooting in restricting lighting conditions. ¬†There is also the ‘Double Exposure’ feature which overlaps two photos one on top of the other to form a new unique artistic ¬†image.

The Oppo Neo 7 is limited to a maximum video recording resolution of 1080p, 4K is not available on this model. Looks like a great looking phone with decent camera performance. As of the time of writing, Oppo hasn’t revealed its price yet.

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