What is LG G4 Camera Sensor Size (width and height in mm)?

May 9, 2015

LG G4 sensor size in mm

What is the LG G4 camera sensor size? I’ve been stumbled upon this question for quite some time.  The thing is that LG didn’t provide any detailed information. We do know that this is a 1/2.6″ sensor, but what is exactly the surface measurement in mm?

If we go with the same measurements of the Omnivision OV16850 sensor which is also a 1/2.6-inch and has 1.12 micron pixels, the exact sensor size is 6.09 x 3.44 mm.  We can also calculate it by multiplying the maximum width and height image size in pixels by each pixel size and we get:

For the width: (5312 x 1.12) / 1000 = 5.95 mm and for the height: (2988 x 1.12) / 1000 = 3.35 mm. So the LG G4 main camera sensor size should be 5.95 x 3.45 mm. This is very close to the dimensions of the Omnivision sensor.

I tend to believe that it’s the first one, because I assume that there is a standard size for those sensor, but again, I’m not hundred percent sure.  If it was the same Company (Sony) that manufactures the two sensors, I would probably be more confident to say that the LG G4 camera sensor size is the first one, at least in high probability.

Looking in Wikipedia image sensor format sizes, we can see that the 1/2.7″ measures 5.37×4.04 mm and 1/2.5″ (like the Nokia Lumia 1520 sensor) measured: 5.76×4.29mm. So you might assume that the 1/2.6″ of the LG G4 should be between those two sizes, and it doesn’t fit the sizes that I’ve already mentioned here. However, the 1/2.7″ and 1/2.5″ sensors have 4:3 aspect ratio and the 1/2.6″ has 16:9 aspect ratio. this is why we can’t find more detailed information about it, because it’s rare to have a 16:9 sensor in smartphone cameras. Furthermore, it doesn’t helps us to further understand its size.

We also know that 6.09 x 3.44 mm and 5.95 x 3.45 mm gives us 16:9 aspect ratio, whether the sensor sizes for the 1/2.7″ and 1/2.5″ give us 4:3 aspect ratio.

So the LG G4 sensor size should probably be either 6.09×3.44mm or 5.95×3.45mm or a close approximate to that size. If you have more detailed or official information, please share it with us in the comment section below. Thanks.

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