iProof Camera – A Rugged Camera for Extreme-Action Photography

iProof camera

Apple is a mobile device company as Steve Jobs said it in one of his presentations. As a mobile device company, you might ask yourself, what is the next mobile device that Apple should come up with next? In this article, I present to you, the (fictional) new mobile device, the iProof camera. A rugged waterproof and shockproof 4K-capable camera designed for extreme photography.

Disclaimer: the iProof camera as presented in this article is not a real product. It’s presented for demonstration purposes only.

I think it would been amazing if Apple had come up with a durable waterproof camera, which I call, the iProof. Here are some of the specs that I want to see in such a camera:

  • 15m / 50 ft water proof
  • 2.0m / 6.6 ft shock proof
  • 1/2.3-inch 12MP 3-Layer-BSI sensor
  • Gyro IS
  • RAW capture
  • 1.5-inch rear LCD display
  • Touch, Voice and physical button operation
  • Innovative 3-step Multi Field of view lens: 14mm, 22mm and 30mm (equivalent)
  • F1.8 aperture lens
  • Auto Image Rotation
  • Compatible with iProof mounts and accessories (3-way mount, head strap, helmet mount, single hand grip, etc.)
  • Replaceable battery
  • MicroSDXC compatibility
  • Up to 4K 30fps video capture + High frame rate 720p 120 fps slow motion videos
  • NFC / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
  • Control and share your images via the iProof iOS App
  • Built-in Auto distortion correction
  • Advanced White Balance settings for underwater photography
  • Comes with ‘Where is my iProof’ app to quickly locate the device
  • Visual and sound alert when close to the depth limit when shooting underwater
  • Built-in ND filter

iProof Bicycle mount

I think that now that Apple can really benefit from having this type of device in his mobile device lineup. It can appeal to the entry-level market, giving iPhone owners an accessory that will help them capture unique and create snaps and videos in any weather condition. It will be great for shooting extreme sports or for documentation movies. the iProof camera can record photos and videos directly to your iPhone device.  If you are near the pool, put the iProof in your bag and take the iPRoof camera for an underwater swim. Attach it to your belt or helmet and document what happens around you.

The iProof can record 4K Ultra HD videos and can even shoot in very dim lighting conditions due to its F1.7 aperture lens and Apple’s new 3-layer BSI sensor. This little cubic camera can withstand almost any weather condition. Shoot with it in the rain, capture videos underwater without and worries due to its mobile device industry leading IP69K rating, world’s first in a consumer camera.

The iProof camera can be operated using Siri dedicated iProof commands, by touch, by rotating the camera to change settings and by physical buttons at the side and back of the camera.

This is the ultimate companion accessory for your iPhone smartphone. It’s compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Is this should be Apple’s new smart mobile device? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, don’t forget to share and thanks for reading.

A reminder: the iProof camera as presented in this article is not a real product and not related to Apple company in any way. It’s presented for demonstration purposes only.