LG Cam Plus Friend Module for LG G5

LG CAM Plus friend camera module

I was very excited when LG first announced the LG CAM Plus, it’s modular camera grip, what also LG refers to as Friend for the G5. ¬†One of the great benefits of this new module is that it extends the battery capacity by 1200mAh, bringing the total capacity to 4000 mAh. The LG Cam Plus camera module can be attacked to the LG G5 via the battery slot and come with several buttons, including one for the power, shutter, record, zoom and a LED indicator. The LG Cam Plus also ads a comfortable grip for one-handed shooting.

The reason I like this idea so much, is because it is very practical and useful. I am currently visiting Barcelona. I have taken many pictures with my iPhone 5S, but the battery just wasn’t enough. I thought about buying a mophie battery pack, a second phone or even buy a compact camera so I can shoot more (I’ve decided to leave my DSLR at home, if you wondered, an I do feel sorry doing so). The LG CAM Plus is an excellent idea because it gives you easy access to some camera controls without, adds a nice grip and the most important thing, it extends the battery life.


Just for comparison, my iPhone 5S has a 1560mAh battery and the biggest mophie f0r the 5S adds 2100mAh power (juice pack plus), bringing the total capacity to 3660 mAh (120% extra battery power). The LG G5 has a 2800 mAh battery and with the LG CAM Plus you get a total of 4000 mAh capacity. So If I had the G5, not just that I could get more power, I can enjoy the module features that allows me to use the G5 like a conventional digital camera.

Of course, there are phones with larger battery capacities, but the thing is that this is just an introduction module, and I’m sure there’ll me many other modules that will provide even more functionality and even higher capacity. This is LG’s first modular smartphone, and I think that it has chosen a smart path. I think it’s nice to have the option to extend the phone’s functionality compared to the alternative, which is to buy a new or second phone.

This unique module is opened for other 3rd party manufacturers for offering their own unique and innovative modules. It would be great to come to the store and being able to buy a new module and enjoy your phone even further. Don’t forget that you can always remove the Cam Plus module out if you don’t intend to use it and have your slimmer phone back.

The LG ‘Friends’ conception will still need to pass the test of time, and we can see how many people will adopt this feature and if it will help LG sell more of its phones.