Nikon D5 High ISO Sample Images (offscreen/via LCD) posted on Flickr

January 10, 2016

Nikon D500 high iso

Randorn Canls Flickr user has posted some offscreen Nikon D5 high ISO sample images shot by capturing the images as they are seen on the rear LCD display of the Nikon D5 at CES 2016. This includes images taken at ISO 24800 (Hi-1) through ISO 3280000 (Hi-5).

As you can see from the offscreen images (link below), the high ISO images look very impressive. Keep in mind that we are looking at images taken at ISO 204,800 and above, those zeroes are not a mistake.  It’s amazing how the Hi-1 the offscreen sample image looks like.  The difference between Hi-1 and Hi-2 is quite significant. The Nikon D5 was able to preserve the accurate colors up to Hi-4, but Hi-5 looks like a total mass. I am very impressed with the Hi-1 and Hi-2 results

We still need to wait for regular sample images to really measure the Nikon D5 low-light performance, but it looks very promising. I’m like many of you, very interested to see how the D5 high ISO is compared to its predecessor, the Nikon D4.

Here are the some of them on