Upgrade to a6300 or not?

Sony a6300 camera on a cyan background

I’ve spent a a few hours reading people’s opinion about the Sony a6300. It seems that many people are not satisfied with it. We can’t deny that it has vastly improved upon its predecessor, but has Sony did enough to convince people to upgrade to this new model? Are a6000 owners satisfied with it and willing to upgrade?

The Sony a6300 has improved in many ways as I mentioned. It has an improved AF system, new sensor, better electronic viewfinder, 4K videos and advanced video specifications, it has silent shutter and weather sealing and better durability in most part. For me, it seems that Sony has improved on the a6000 in the important areas.

I can understand why for some people, the new updated might not be relevant. Some photographers are happy with the a6000 focus and don’t need anything more advanced. They maybe don’t intend to shoot in 4K or shoot videos at all, the silent shutter is of no use to them, the higher-resolution EVF isn’t that important and the durability and weather-sealing weren’t an issue before, and isn’t an issue now. So for those people, the a6300 might not be a well-worthy upgrade, especially considering its hefty price of around $1000 (body only). The a6000 is being sold half the price, so for those people, it’s definitely isn’t worth it.

Among those who were impressed with the new Sony Alpha a6300 feature, I find that many of them find it a well-worthy upgrade because of the new sensor (which hopefully brings better high ISO performance), better EVF, 4K, better build quality and vastly improved AF system. Those features seem like the ones that most people care about most.

I’ve also read that many photographers find Sony lens selection lacking in some way and they prefer spending extra hundred dollars to get a full frame camera than paying for the a6300 and some of them were worried about the camera overheating when shooting in 4K. Others pointed out that the competition has better bang for the buck (Panasonic GX8 or Olympus PEN-F?)

For me it’s worth it because I like the weather-sealing, the AF system is very useful for my particular needs and the higher resolution EVF is a very welcomed update. I
Keep in mind that all those things have been said even before any high ISO sample images from the a6300 have been published. If the image quality is indeed considerably improved, maybe some of them will change their mind.

Those who enjoy shooting videos found the new Sony a6300 to be an amazing update due to its very advanced video specifications, including 4K recording with full readout without pixel binning, audio input and slow motion video recording option. I admire Sony for making the new a6300 such an attractive Hybrid camera. It’s really an advanced multimedia device that allows photographers to be even more creative.

Even if people aren’t convinced to upgrade from the a6000, I’m sure that here are many people who own less advanced and older Alpha/NEX model (e.g. a5000, a5100, NEX-7, NEX-6, NEX-5N, NEX-5T, NEX-C3, NEX-F3) will find the new a6000 like a perfect camera to upgrade to. I also assume that there are photographers using A-mount based cameras (e.g. a3000, a77, a68, a58, a580, a37, a35) that are thinking that maybe it’s the time to ditch the A-mount and switch to an E-mount camera.

Did you find the new Sony a6300 a well-worthy upgrade from your camera or not? If so, please share with us why. Thanks.