Best Creepy Halloween Instagram Makeup and Masks Effects – How to get them?

Creepy Instagram camera effects for Halloween

Halloween 2019 is here. If you are searching to scare your friends with some original Instagram filters in Augmented Reality, I have a tip for you.

WOW! filters has released a set of camera effects, especially for Halloween. There are some very creepy looking filters out there. Not something disgusting, which I personally don’t like, but creepy looking face masks and makeup AR effects.

Some of those filters can be seen in this video posted by AR Critic on their YouTube channel. Here is a preview of some of these Halloween scary Instagram camera effects.

Creepy Halloween camera effects for Instagram

Some of the filters, like the Joker filter, are available for Facebook as well, but not for Snapchat.

I personally liked the Lava filters. They look creepy as hell. What a scary creature that is. The textures look very realistic and that’s the beauty of those filters.

How to unlock those Halloween Instagram effect?

Simple, just follow the creator @wowfilterscom on Instagram and you get them all. Alternatively, you can check out the filters’ tab and view each one separately.

Some of those filters can complement your physical Halloween costume. However, if you are planning to wear special makeup, some of those will cover it. The digital content is always in front of the camera stream.

I’m sure a lot of people will be using Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat lenses to share their eerie new look with friends and family on social media. This is definitely the year for Augmented Reality to shine. What the best way to enjoy those amazing camera effects than in this Halloween of 2019.

I am still searching to get a list of the best Halloween Instagram face filters, but by the time I do it, probably Halloween will be over LOL.

Anyway, enjoy these Halloween camera effects and share them with your friends and loved ones.

Happy Halloween Everyone!