Blinking IG Game – Why Blinking Controls?

When I played Flying Face Instagram game by dvoshansky. I asked myself, why blinking and not other facial gestures? Today I’ve read in Spark AR Community on Facebook that dvoshansky actually tested other types of facial gestures like a mouth opening and even playing by nodding with your head.

open green eyes

According to what I’ve read, dvoshansky made prototypes and he asked his followers to test different gestures and see which one they prefer. According to him, blinking was the most comfortable one for most.

I also thought about it as well when I played it. Opening the mouth, even 10 times for me cause discomfort and nodding your head, you can try it yourself, isn’t comfortable at all, even annoying after some time. Why, because when you node your head your eyes move and you don’t get a clear view of the game.

Not that blinking doesn’t have its issue, but it was definitely better than the others in that regard and we saw that people were able to reach hundreds of points playing Flying Face (‘Flappy Bird’-like Instagram filter). That suggests that blinking isn’t such a bad control input after all.

The problem that I had with blinking is that sometimes I got a blank vision, and although we are talking about a split of a second, still, it interferes with the gameplay experience. After getting more experiences with my blinking skills, I learned how to better control my blinking. It’s sound funny, but think about it for a second, usually, people blink spontaneously, how many of you actually spend time getting control over your blinkings?

This why I think that even here, practice makes perfect. Once you get better control over your blinkings, you’ll be able to get better in Flying Face Instagram game.