Dvoshansky Flying Face Blinking Game – Gameplay Video & How to use?

When I saw this new Instagram filter game made by Dvoshansky (Instagram username) I knew I had to try it out. For those of you who first hear about the game, it’s an Instagram augmented reality filter game called Flying Face, which played similar to popular Android/iOS mobile arcade game Flappy Bird.

Dvoshansky designed this Flying Face IG filter so it plays differently than the original Flappy Bird game. This is not the same developer of the original. In this variation of Flappy Bird, Dvoshansky designed it so instead of tapping the screen to move the bird, you need to blink with your eyes.

Don’t forget that this game is actually an Instagram filter. You play it with the front-facing camera facing you. You can still see your face on the screen and the game level is located in front. The filter follows your facial gestures and when it detects a blink, it moves the bird character slightly up. Players will need to continue blinking in order to keep the bird flying.

Dvoshansky Flying Face Instagram game. One player and two players screenshot.
Dvoshansky Flying Face Instagram game. One player and two players screenshot.

Dvoshansky didn’t make it easier to play compared to the original. In fact, I personally think that it’s much more difficult to play like that because when you blink, you lose sight. it happens for a split of a second, but still, in a game that every split of a second count, it’s a big deal.

Dvoshansky also included the option to play the game with another person locally. You can invite a friend and play this Flappy Bird style IG filter with a friend on the same device at the same time. When another player joins (I didn’t try it myself), another cute birdy will appear and both of you can play at the same time and have fun.

Another nice addition over the original game is that instead of the bird’s face, you have your face attached to it. If you play with a friend, your friend’s face will appear on his or her bird. It makes this game more entertaining.

I just want to thank Dvoshansky for making this incredible Instagram Flappy Bird style game. I am not a big fan of the original, but I have to admit that this one was a refreshing take on it.

How to use (怎麼用) Dvoshansky Flying Face filter?

Using Dvoshansky Flying Fac filter is easy. You have two options: try it without following or get it permanently to your Instagram filter drawer by following dvoshansky.

I, of course, recommend following Dvoshansky, and the reason for that is that you can have Flying Face available for you in your iOS/Android Instagram app, and you also have access to all of dvoshansky previous and future filters as well.

Get Flying Face without following?

Make sure you have the Instagram app installed on your Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) To try out the filter, click this link. and it will open the Instagram effect (the game) on your phone and you can play it immediately.

Get Flying Face filter by following Dvoshansky?

First, you need to follow Dvoshansky. You can do so from within the Instagram app or via a browser on the Instagram website (login required). Now visit dvoshansky Instagram profile page and click the Follow button to follow him. Open the camera in your Instagram app and the filter should appear among the first filters. If you can’t see it, just wait a few moments until Instagram pulls up the filter and shows it in the filter drawer. Now tap on the icon of the game to start playing.

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