How to get 6 Seconds Blink Game on Instagram?

“6 Seconds” is a fantastic Instagram filter game made by the talented Yana Mishkinis. This Instagram filter game is all about perfect timing. What you need to do is try to blink with your eyes at the right moment, so the stopper above your head stops at exactly 6 seconds, by the millisecond. I actually saw that you get the animation at 6.001 as well, just saying.

6 seconds blink game
6 seconds blink game (gameplay screenshot by WOW! Filters)

I love timing games like Flying Face, and this one is no exception. People love simple casual games that pose some good challenges. This is exactly what this blinking game is all about. The funny thing is that sometimes before I get to even blink at 6 seconds, I blink before. I’m kind of used to the more forgiving blinking playing Flying Face.

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TikTok challange
Try this filter challenge out! TAP TO TRY THIS FILTER!

And what about trying to juggle a ball as many times as possible!

Soccer Head
How many times you can Juggle this ball on your head? TAP TO TRY THIS FILTER ON INSTAGRAM!

Back to the 6-seconds effect. This effect is kind of similar to “Don’t Blink’ challenge. I still wasn’t able to stop the timer at exactly 6 seconds. Sometimes I blink before and sometimes after but never at the exact time. Eventually, I will.

So, how can I get the 6 seconds blinking game by Yana Mishkinis?

Simple, visit Yana’s Instagram profile and check her filter’s tab. It’s one of my favorite blinking game on Instagram at the moment. Try it out and have fun!