Santa Nose Twerk Instagram Face Filter for Christmas 2019

“Santa Tummy TWRK” is a new Instagram camera face filter for Christmas (filtro twerk naso Instagram). It’s similar to other nose twerking effects, but instead of animating the butt of a cartoon character, Santa in this case, it’s animating his belly. It’s super cute and perfect for a Santa character.

Santa nose twerk Instagram effect
Santa nose twerk Instagram effect (Image credit: WOW! filters)

I’ve seen plenty of noses twerking videos on YouTube and people really enjoy that effect. I mean, how many parts of our face can be moved to produce some crazy funny faces. We are not Jim Carry after all.

This Santa nose twerking effect was developed by WOW! filters, especially for this Christmas.  It’s a filter that you can use to send some funny Christmas greeting cards (I mean videos) to your friends on social media, like Facebook, TikTok, and of course, Instagram.

This effect was create using Spark AR Studio. It’s software by Facebook for making camera effects and filters.

How to get this amazing Santa nose twerk filter?

The easiest way is to just follow WOW! Filters on Instagram to unlock and get all their effects. You can also visit their Instagram from your own Instagram app and check out the filter’s tab.

WOW! filters posted a video showing how it is done.

Then, in the filter’s list, search for “Santa Tummy TWRK” and tap on the image. This will launch the effect directly in your IG app, either your iPhone or Android phone. Just make sure you have the Instagram app installed on your phone.

I Can’t see the Santa nose twerking filter, what can I do?

In case you can’t see the Santa TWRK filter in the list, please UPDATE YOUR INSTAGRAM app. This ensures you can see the latest filter developed with the latest version of Spark AR Studio.

Just head on to Google Play or the App Store, search for Instagram and then tap the UPDATE button to update your app. Launch the app again, visit the filter list on @wowfilterscom again and you should see the filter available in the list.

Enjoy this adorable Xmas effect and Merry Christmas!