Who is Dvoshansky (Instagram Filter Developer)?

For those of you who are wondering who is Dvoshansky, he is the developer of ‘Instagram Flappy Bird Filter’, or by its original filter name ‘Flying Face‘.

He resides in Russia and developed a Flappy Bird-like game where users control the bird using blinking. A few hours ago I watched a live stream of Dvoshansky playing Flying Face Instag game. People asked him where he got the inspiration from, and not that it came as a surprise, but he answered “Flappy Bird”.

I can only thanks Dvoshansky because he gave me the enthusiasm to bring a Camera Debate website from the dead. I got so excited about playing the game that I spent more time reading and learning about the Instagram filter and try out more Instagram games.

Camera Debate was made to help shoppers decide which camera to buy, help with their buying decision. Now, I am going to redesign it so it will report interesting information, news and reviews about Augmented Reality related content, and with emphasize on Instagram filters for start.

I hope Dvoshansky continues to make more amazing Instagram filter using Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, a development platforms for creating IG filters, masks, effects and as you can see, games. It’s amazing seeing young talented developers using the platform to create filters that we all love to use.

The great thing about Spark AR filters is that they are very accessible and simple in general. Getting them is also very simple. You don’t need to download Flying Face or any other filter in that regard, just follow the AR creator on Instagram and all the creator filters will be available for you in the filter section on the Instagram app itself, so simple. Not just that, any future filter that Dvoshansky or other AR creators that you follow will create, you’ll get them automatically, no need to update anything.

I want to thank Dvoshansky for encouraging me to keep on going with my good-old photography blog and find a direction which I enjoy writing about-Thank you!

Visit instagram.com/dvoshansky/ and make sure you follow him and get all of his great filters, including Flappy Bird Instagram game, I mean, Flying Face.