What Galaxy S7 Camera Needs to Top the Competition?

Rumors are given us the closest look as we can to what the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera will be like. It’s very likely to have the BRITECELL sensor technology, the one that uses “white” (transparent) pixels instead of green pixels. Rumors speaking about 12MP sensor, new image processor and larger pixels, but what the Galaxy […]

Galaxy S7 Edge BRITECELL Camera Rumored Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to have a a 12MP BRITECELL rear-facing camera, featuring an f/1.8 fast aperture. To make it more compelling, the rumors are also taking about a waterproof and metal design (although the leaked pictures shows plastic design). Rumors are also suggesting a 5-megapixel camera front camera, 6.7-inch Quad HD AMOLED […]

S6 Edge Plus vs Xperia Z5 Camera Comparison

In this article we’ll take a close look and compare the Sony Xperia Z5 cameras versus the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameras. It’s no secret that both mobile phones have shown the highest image quality on DxOMark, putting the iPhone 6s Plus, Note 5 and LG G4 behind it. ┬áBoth Sony and Samsung are […]

Upgrade to a6300 or not?

I’ve spent a a few hours reading people’s opinion about the Sony a6300. It seems that many people are not satisfied with it. We can’t deny that it has vastly improved upon its predecessor, but has Sony did enough to convince people to upgrade to this new model? Are a6000 owners satisfied with it and […]

Sony a6300 vs a6000

In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between the brand new Sony a6300 and its predecessor, the a6000. Sony alpha camera fans have been waiting for this new announcement for quite some time. The a6300 is released two years since the a6000 was first announced, on February 12, 2014, to be precise.