Best Selfie Smartphone Cameras 2014

July 15, 2014

Girl selfie photo

In this article I want to mention and talk about a few smartphones that are best suited for selfie shooting. Some of you might raised an eyebrow, after all, most smartphones have a front-facing camera and a camera app that allows easy self-portrait captures, but as you’ll soon see, some phones are more selfie-oriented than others.

Sony Xperia C3 for Selfies

Sony Xperia C3 selfie front camera

The first and probably the most distinguished smartphone in our list is the Sony Xperia C3, which is marketed as a selfie-focused smartphone, the ultimate smartphone for those who are addicted of taking selfie photos.  Sony calls it “the PROselfie smartphone”, and there is a good reason for that.

The Xperia C3 features a 5 megapixel high-res front-facing camera with a wide 25mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle lens and a front LED flash. The combination of those three, makes the C3 front camera a perfect fit for selfie shooting. The 25mm field of view means that you don’t have to hold the camera so far away from your body to capture a wide area and having you and even the friends around you fit into the frame.   The 5MP sensor means that you are able to get high-resolution selfie images, as many other front-facing camera on other smartphones offer small resolutions.  The front LED flash provides a soft illumination which helps when shooting selfies at night in low-light and also helps to reduce face shadows and compliment how you appear in the final image.

Sony also coupled the Xperia C3 with a superior Auto mode for the front camera, which makes sure that you get that perfect selfie every time. Sometimes you want to get a selfie shot with a celebrity, and you only get that one shot to get it right. So with the C3 you are assured to get it right the first time.

The front-camera also uses Sony’s Emor RS back-illuminated sensor technology, promising improved low-light performance with less image noise. The C3 is also coupled with various camera apps that are dedicated to improving your selfie shots and making selfie shooting fun and easy. Among those apps are “Portrait retouch”, which you can use to apply 10 different beauty styles to improve and sparkle up your selfie image (not just for girls by the way, you have 4 styles that are optimized for guys!). You can also apply creative effect, add digitized accessories, create Vine (selfies in motion, short looping videos with sound). With the C3 you also have best-in-class video call quality as well.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for Selfies

Samsung K Zoom lens

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a 10x optical zoom camera-oriented phone. With its 20.7MP BSI sensor and Xenon+LED flashand optical image stabilization,  it really puts itself in different league when it comes to versatility.

That said, the K Zoom was also designed to allow high quality selfies. Unlike the Sony Xperia C3 where the selfies are captures using the high-quality front-facing camera, the selfies with the K Zoom are taken with the rear camera.  Shooting selfies with the rear facing camera without being able to see what you are shooting is not ideal. Samsung made it easier to take selfies using the back camera by implementing a unique feature. This features allows you to choose the place where you want to appear in the final image by tapping the area on the screen. Then you turn the phone around and wait for a beep. The camera recognizes your face and captures three images which you can later choose from, those who you think you look best in.

The great thing about the Galaxy K Zoom for selfie shooting is that you enjoy a really high quality 20.7MP images, backed up with a high-quality lens and an optical image stabilization and Xenon flash. Other than that, the K Zoom has an optical zoom lens, which is something that you don’t get with every smartphone out there. The cons is that it’s not very convenient to shoot those selfies compared to a front facing camera where you can see yourself on the screen, but no doubt that Samsung did a good effort and made it easier for you to capture high-quality selfies nevertheless.


HTC One (M8) for Selfies

HTC One M8 selfie front camera

The HTC One (M8) is an excellent smartphone for selfies. The amazing smartphone features a 5MP secondary camera for selfie-lovers. Taking selfies with the HTC One is easy: you open the camera app and switch to “Selfie” mode (yep, there is a dedicated mode for selfie shooting), now tap anywhere on the screen in order to start the timer. The camera will present you with a self countdown timer, which after it finishes, the camera captures the photo. With the M8 you can also shoot high-quality selfie videos as well.

The HTC One M8 front camera features a 1/5″ sensor with 1.12µm pixels and a f/2.0 fast lens.

The HTC One M8 offers much more than this selfie shooting feature, including among others are: UltraPixel (2 microns) rear camera, built-in HDR, dual Rear-facing cameras, UFocus (focus on what’s important in the photo),  Foregrounder (highlight foregrounds by changing backgrounds),  panorama shooting, add accessories (“Sticker”), apply frames, photo-editing tools (e.g. cropping), 3D-like photo viewing on the phone (“Dimension Plus”), manual ISO, EV adjustment, stills and video filters and effect,  slow-mo video recording and much more.

So the HTC One M8 gives you a convenient way to shoot selfies, but also enjoys lots of other camera-based features which make it a really good choice for those of you who love taking and sharing images in general, and selfie photos in particular.

Oppo N1 for Selfies

Oppo N1 rotating camera

The Oppo N1 has a unique design that allows the user to rotate the camera on its X axis for front and rear shooting. The Oppo N1 features the world’s first rotating camera smartphone. You get a 1/3.06″ 13-megapixels sensor , accompanied by a f/2.0 lens which is built using six physical lenses for cleaner and precise image without any distortions.

The N1 is equipped with a dual flash design that provides diffused light when you flip the camera forward to take selfies, and a stronger illumination when the camera is faced backwards.  This soft flash illumination provides exactly the right amount of light to compliment your selfie photos, reducing shadows and making every self portrait or group selfie shot look at its best.

Your selfies will look awesome on the gorgeous 5.9-inch Full HD screen and the phone itself looks great too, very elegant and smooth by design. Oppo put a lot of effort to make the N1 unique in its category and equipped it with advanced hardware and software features that are meant to compliment the high-quality optics. You get selfy shots that look as good as the back-facing shots due to the fact that this phone has only one camera, and not a secondary camera with reduced specs like in many other smartphones.


Other phones worth mentioning are the Sony Xperia Z1/Z2 which although offering a relatively low resolution front-facing camera,  are IP58 certified (dist and water resistant), which means that you can use them to shoot selfies underwater! The Z2 also feature 4K video recording as well.

The video below was shot using the Sony Xperia Z2 in $K resolution underwater. For if you are into underwater selfies, the Z1 and Z2 are your best option yet.

So there you go. Those smartphones are among the best selfie smartphones currently available on the market. New models will be introduces in the near future and I’m sure that those phones will also feature more advanced selfie feature to fit this on growing phenomenon.  I hope you enjoy reading this article — if you did, please don’t forget to share it and LIKE our Facebook page (see the sidebar). Thanks!



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