Motorola Moto X Style vs Moto G vs Moto X Play – Camera Comparison

August 5, 2015

rear cameras of Motorola Moto X Style, Moto G 2015 and Moto X Play

On July 28 2015, Motorola has announced three new smartphones, the Motorola Moto G (2015 version), Moto X Style and Moto X Play. Let’s take a look at the cameras features for all three phones.

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Not all the detailed hardware specs is usually provided for all cameras, rear and front. But we can see that all three cameras have a f/2.0 aperture lens for the rear camera, but the Moto X Style also feature f/2.0 lens at the front camera, whether the Moto G has a slower f/2.2 lens. All three phones have a 5MP front-facing camera.

The Moto X Style (Pure Edition) offers the best camera specs all in all, featuring 4K video recording for the front camera, as well as phase-detection AF. Phase-detection AF allows the camera to auto focus more accurately on fast moving subjects that moves across the frame. All three cameras feature Dual LED Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) flash for the rear camera, which allows pictures taken with the flash to look more natural, and can better detect artificial light and correct it using white balance settings.

dpreview took the X Style for test and the results are pretty impressive, at least in daylight. Image is very detailed with vivid colors and with good noise performance overall. I personally was very excited to see how sharp the image is when shooting under good lighting conditions. You can visit dpreview and view some full-scale high-res images to see what I mean – really impressive performance.  I don’t know what optics the Motorola X Style uses, but the optical performance is just amazing.

Overall, very good cameras that will allow you to take better looking high-resolution photos and high-quality videos. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Moto X Style to see hot it stacks against the competition and update my blog with my new findings.

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